Aerial view of modern water cleaning facility at urban wastewater treatment plant.

Attorneys at Williams & Campo, P.C. have significant experience in the representation of municipalities, public water supply districts, sewer districts, joint utility commissions, and other political subdivisions involved in the provision of critical utilities. Our representation of public utility providers ranges from general counsel services and special counsel or project-specific services. When acting as general counsel, we counsel public utility providers in issues relating to the Missouri Open Meetings & Records Act, contracting, employment issues, environmental compliance, and other general matters that arise during the day-to-day operations of our utility provider clients. As special counsel, we assist public utility providers in property acquisition, project funding, and any other special legal matters facing public utility providers. We value our experience and working relationship with entities involved in the formal financing process, including bond counsel, USDA – Rural Development, the Missouri Multipurpose Water Resources Fund, and the Missouri Department of Natural Resources, and have successfully worked with those entities to secure financing for public utility providers that ensures projection completion on financial terms that ensure stability not only for the public utility provider but also their customers and end users

Over the past five years attorneys at Williams & Campo, P.C. have assisted and represented utility providers on projects that when constructed will have a total value of over $100 million. 


Specific Recent Projects 

  1. Represented the Great Northwest Wholesale Water Commission – a joint utility commission established under Chapter 393 of the Revised Statutes of Missouri – through the formation, property acquisition, and project funding stages for the construction of a 36-mile waterline in northwest Missouri. Worked collaboratively with USDA – Rural Development and engineering firm to ensure project completion complied with all applicable state and federal laws while staying with budget. The total project is estimated to cost $36 million. 
  2. Represented Caldwell County, Missouri to secure financing through NRCS and the Missouri Multipurpose Water Resources Fund for the construction of a raw water storage reservoir. Assisted in the selection of contractor, negotiating of contract documents, and ongoing compliance with the engineering plans and contract documents
  3. Counseled Public Water Supply District No. 1 of Andrew County, Missouri, on potential funding mechanisms for the construction, reconstruction, repair, and upgrading of system. 
  4. Counseled Public Water Supply District No.1 of Audrain County regarding potential consolidation with neighboring utility provider and compliance with Lead Service Line Replacement Rule. 
  5. Assisted in the development and implementation of cast iron replacement funding and strategy with the City of Belton, Missouri. When complete, the strategy will lead to the replacement of $60 million worth of cast iron water lines while not requiring an increase in the current water rates for customers. 
  6. Serve as general counsel to the Atchinson County Wholesale Water Commission d/b/a United Water Partnership. Representation includes providing guidance on general operations and the expansion of the Commission into additional territory.